Hi there, it's Stacey Day, owner of Nourish Coaching. I have been a Registered Nurse (BSN) for over 20 years. A nurse's job has always been to educate and advocate for her patients. So it comes naturally for me to teach and empower you to work toward your best health. I joined the health and wellness industry in 2014 when I began teaching TRX and Pilates and then went on to get my personal training certification as well (CPT,CES). So it also comes naturally for me to coach. It was in the juxtaposition of these two careers- ER nurse and fitness professional- that I saw a huge need that wasn't adequately being addressed. Conventional medicine does a great job at managing emergencies- you need us if you have a car wreck!- but is not doing enough to help people create health or to reverse disease if it does arise. The fitness industry all too often is focused on aesthetics, frequently at the cost of being actually healthy. This is what led me into functional nutrition and lifestyle coaching (CHHC), using food and lifestyle to turn back on the body's innate power to heal.

Which choices nourish us...and which deplete? The answers are already right in front of us and it's really just up to us to pay attention. Once we connect at this deeper level, we become healthy and full- from the inside out and not the other way around.

So what exactly does a coach do?

Have you ever tried to start something new only to find yourself falling back into the same patterns and routines you've always had? Maybe it was a new diet or exercise routine. Maybe it was to quit smoking, drinking or eating sugar. Maybe it was a new career, getting out of debt or learning how to dance. Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to make a new thing stick?

One word- comfort. 

It is comfortable to stick with what we know, even to the point of dysfunction. Our brains like stability and when we are trying to really change things up, our brains go into a bit of a freak out. In order to restore calm and stability, we subconsciously sabotage ourselves. This is why even when we really really want to do something new, we often end up cursing and berating ourselves for our lack of willpower and self-control. But guess what? This actually has nothing to do with willpower.  

This is exactly where a coach comes in. A coach has both the expertise AND the vision to help you move through your sticking points- the places where traditionally you would turn around and go back to what you already know how to do. A coach believes in and supports you- even and especially when you don't believe in yourself. When you are in the weeds of your issue- whatever it is- it is nearly impossible for you to have the clarity and vision to see your way out. A coach takes your hand and leads the way- until suddenly you find yourself in the clearing, with a whole new perspective and belief in what you can do.

My role as a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is to educate you and walk you through your individual process of nutrition and lifestyle change. To help you discover how the foods you are eating, the way you are moving and relaxing (or not) and even how the thoughts and beliefs you are thinking are creating the outcomes you have in your life. And to help you create new beliefs, thoughts and habitual behaviors that are aligned with and will create the health and life you actually want. 

Every program starts with the 20 minute introductory session where we discuss what you are struggling with and what you'd like to be experiencing instead. After your initial session, we meet once/week over phone or video conferencing...we are not limited by geography or the need to get dressed and put on makeup- we can meet while in our pajamas sipping tea if we want! Every session will be walking you ever closer to the outcome you most desire and at the end of our time together, you will truly be amazed at what you have accomplished.  

You can achieve your most healthy body weight. You can have a stable mood, great sleep and energy throughout your day. You can resolve vague and seemingly unconnected symptoms that no one up until now has known how to correct. You can lose the cravings that have plagued you for years. You can be fully present, energetic and excited to be with your kids. You can feel sexy and attractive and interested in sex again. You can step out into the world, fully and unapologetically you, and own it. You can-gasp!-look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see. I am here to give you the tools and support to help you step into that version of you, your Best Self.

Click below to show up and take care of yourself in a way you may never have before.


An in depth course focused on the digestive system and how it impacts the rest of the body

An in depth course focused on the digestive system and how it impacts the rest of the body

a health and life coaching course that teaches transformational coaching methodology

a health and life coaching course that teaches transformational coaching methodology