Welcome to Nourish Coaching.

How are you? I hear you've been struggling lately with your mood, your energy, your relationship to your body, your food or your family. That you've been wondering why you feel so tired, checked out, irritated, out of balance. And that these feelings then cause the rebound effect of guilt, shame, and self-blame because you don't have it all figured out and handled. Does this sound familiar to ANY of you??

Yeah, me too. I know allll about this. Has anyone ever told you that it might be that your BODY that is out of balance? Not your willpower, not your self-discipline, not your mental status. That there may be something going on physically in your body that is causing you to be on edge, out of sorts, crave sweets and refined carbs, have unexplained weight gain and feel exhausted?

I have good news! There is alot you can do yourself to correct these things. The solutions are simple and resonate on a deep level. You get to be in charge and make decisions that affect your life in a positive way. And it doesn't require multiple prescriptions, trips to the doctor, cases of wine or running away. Yay!

As women, our hormones play a HUGE part in how we experience life (surprise, right?). If our digestive system or our hormones are out of balance, we feel it. We know something is off but we just can't quite put our finger on what it is. It can be maddening because we want to feel better, but we just don't know where to start.

So, how do we get our bodies in balance so that we can enjoy our everyday lives and handle the inevitable stresses that come up?

We eat food that is from the earth, not a package. We move our bodies every day in a way that feels good to us and not in that obsessive, I have to be skinny kind of way. We sleep, uninterrupted, for at least 7 hours a night (or as close to this as possible, for those of you with little ones!) And we optimize our body's innate functioning so that when stress does arise, we are able to face it, strong and resilient. We make sure our digestive system is working properly and our hormones are balanced, so that we are free to participate fully in our lives. If we are healthy, then we are able to help our families be healthy. We are able to show up and be present and enjoy all the goodness in our lives. We are not reacting or running on empty; instead we are nourished and full and that self-love flows directly over onto our families. 

My name is Stacey Day and I am the owner of Nourish Coaching. I am, like many of you, a wife and mom first. I am also an emergency room Registered Nurse and a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I work individually with clients to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes to create optimal health. This means that in working together we find the root cause of what is keeping you from feeling the best in your body. This could be something as simple as not getting enough sleep to determining what food allergies and sensitivities you have that are creating inflammation and autoimmunity in your body. I specialize in teaching women how to create digestive and hormonal health through nutrition and lifestyle, so that you can show up in your life exactly as you choose to. Not react, not manage, but participate and enjoy. In our initial 4 week package, you will get:

  • Four one-on-one 50 minute sessions with me
  • A detailed inventory of what's going on in your body and your health 
  • A detailed vision for what you want to be experiencing instead
  • Lab and supplement recommendations and education specific to your individual needs
  • A step by step plan for the behavior change that's needed to accomplish your specific goals and outcomes
  • Support and accountability to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Unlimited email support between sessions, with a 24 hour response time (except weekends, cause ya know, balance!)

Sign up below for a 20 minute introductory session where we discover what your vision and desired outcome is and what has been stopping you from getting there so far. This session alone is eye opening and transformative and gives you a glimpse of what's possible for you. 


You are completely worth it and everyone you come in contact with will benefit from you showing up as your most vibrant, energetic, authentic self. 










Take Care of your Self.